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A growing number of interesting initiatves are coming up. / Un nombre croissant d'initiatives intéressantes apparaissent / Es gibt eine wachsende Anzahl interessanter Initiativen.

ECA 2017 - Design for All in Tourist Destinations - Italian version

The latest EuCAN publication is now available in Italian language, together with the English original and a German translation. The French version il almost ready as well and will be published very soon. Thank you very much to our members from Germany, Italy and Luxembourg who made this possible, as well as to several other members who are working right now on more translations.

Click here for the Italian version

Barrierefreies Internet in der öffentlichen Verwaltung?

von barrierefrei-aufgerollt.at:

"... BIZEPS hat ein Interview geführt

BIZEPS fragt Muna Duzdar, Staatssekretärin für Diversität, öffentliche Verwaltung und Digitalisierung:

  • Welchen Stellenwert hat barrierefreies Internet in der öffentlichen Verwaltung?
  • Nach welchen Richtlinien arbeitet das Bundeskanzleramt um Barrierefreiheit im Internet zu sichern?
  • Was ist der Zusammenhang zwischen Diversität und Barrierefreiheit? ..."


d4a Influence from outside

Since the early 1990ties, Luxembourg could benefit from the know-how of several organisations, of which the most important were or still are:


EuCAN - the European Concept for Accessibility Network




Design for All Foundation



 NeumannConsult - Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung /Design für Alle